Mossberg at Adobe's CEO: "Flash doesn't work well on Android"

Mossberg at Adobe's CEO: "Flash doesn't work well on Android"

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Ugly tile for Adobe: Walt Mossberg, considered the most important and influential computer journalist in the world, during an interview with Adobe CEO Shantanu Nareyen, stated that Flash doesn't work well on Android smartphone.

Here's what you said Mossberg:

What is the problem between you and Steve Jobs? He was here last year and was able to declare what has already been said in the past that Apple's duty is to choose the technologies on the rise, and Flash is not, unlike HTML5. For this reason, Apple has made the choice not to use Flash iOS devices.

This sentence, the CEO of Adobe has responded by defending Flash and saying that this technology is currently present in over 130 million devices, including Android, and that works fine.


And I'm still looking for a Flash-only smartphone which works well. I'm sorry, but Flash on Android devices doesn't work well.

The Narayen reaction was a mixture of surprise and confusion, like a boxer just hit:


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