Guide: how to install iWork on iPhone updated to iOS 4.2.1

Guide: how to install iWork on iPhone updated to iOS 4.2.1

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iWork is compatible only with iPhone upgraded to iOS 4.3 or higher. In this guide we see how to install Apple's productivity suite also on iOS 4.2.1.

First download from the iTunes one of 3 applications of iWork suite, then we're going to try the. ipa app inside our computers, for example on the Mac is Username/music/iTunes/Mobile Applications, and copy the file to your desktop. Now:

Change the extension from .zip .IPA in so we can navigate the archivioEstraete the package will get more fileEntrate in the Payload to XXXXXX. app (XXXXX is the name of a choice of 3 iWork app) with Windows just click to enter, with the Mac will have to click with the right and then on "show package contents" inside the folder, edit the following file parameters info.plist: (with a text editor or with Property List Editor on Mac) Alternatively you can also copy this file info.plist on the iPhone and change it simply by iFiles (cCydia).DTPlatformBuild replace inMinimumOSVersion replace 9Z999 in 4.2.1Salviamo modification to the file and selecting all files of the second paragraph of the Guide inseriamoli into a new file.The fact that we need to change the file extension from .zip and. ipaTrasciniamo files into iTunes and a our iPhone

Now iWork work also on iOs 4.2.1.

Thanks Umberto!

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