The iPhone takes 4 years, we retrace the steps of his success with the past, present and future!

The iPhone takes 4 years, we retrace the steps of his success with the past, present and future!

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On 29 June four years ago, all Apple stores in the United States is preparing to launch something that would have gone down in history: the first iPhone,the phone that would change the fortunes of the mobile market. Retrace along all stages of the evolution of the much loved iPhone by, since the launch of the first model, the future until the next device.

The iPhone comes as a hybrid that implements three functions in one: mobile phone, iPod and handheld can surf the Internet. Equipped with a multitouch display and a simple and intuitive, thanks to its elegant design, with endlessapplications and services giant, will become the most desired phone of all.


Before starting with the evolution of mobile phones in Cupertino, a brief digression on what Jobs calls the soul of its mobile devices: iPhone OS.

IOS, formerly iPhone OS is the operating system developed by Apple and adopted by the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It was launched in its first version with the first iPhone on June 29, 2007. The operating system, early in his life,the sins of some essential features already present in the other end of previous generations: the ability to copy and paste this for a long time on other phones the most basic, the ability to record video and to open more than one application at a time.

With the launch of the iPhone 3, the 'July 11, 2008, the operating system passes to version 2.0 and among the many new features, it also adds the much-anticipated AppStore, introducing the ability to install third party applications. Following the AppStore will become a benchmark for the market of applications, a real businnes.

The turning point was July 17, 2009, when it is published in conjunction with the sale of 3G iPhone, the 'iPhone OS 3.0. The new operating system finally allows copying and pasting and sending of MMS as well as numerous other functions.

The fourth release of the operating system, released with iPhone 4 21 June 2010, has added important features such as multitasking, FaceTime, iBooks, and Apple has unified all devices with a common version, the 4.2.1.

On 6 June at WWDC was made ​​the fifth version of IOS with over 200 new features, including wireless synchronization, integration with the serviceicloud, a new system for notifications and messaging. The new operating system takes a lot of tweaking its updates from the jailbreak community, which, however, Apple still does not approve. The release date is scheduled between September and October together with the likely launch of the new iPhone.

EDGE iPhone (or 2G)

And 'this is the name of the first mobile phone made ​​in Apple CEO Steve Jobspresented by the MacWorld conference's opening in January 2007. The phone was sold on or after 29 June of that year in the U.S., while in Europe, it was not until November, when the iPhone was initially launched in France, the United Kingdom and Germany and, in spring 2008, in Austria and Ireland. In Italy it was never officially released and the few that were seen around were purchased abroad and unlocked at your own risk.

The device was initially available in two versions, 4GB and 8GB. The first, however, was quickly withdrawn and replaced with a larger capacity, 16GB,which was made ​​available to the public since January 2008.

Expectations were high for this innovative phone, so that outside the Apple Store and AT & T retailers crowded for the first time fanatics ready to do anything to take the device to the day-one. From that day, the crowd before the launch has become a tradition. In less than three months, the Cupertino company has managed to sell over a million units in the U.S. alone.

iPhone 3G

The successor EDGE iPhone was introduced June 9, 2008 at the WWDC in San Francisco and launched officially in history from 'July 11 release following in8GB or 16GB.

Unlike its predecessor, featured a new design aesthetic with the more rounded features. A cover of glossy plastic, replaced the aluminum that covered the first model was introduced and two new colors: black and white.This model, improved with the 'assisted-GPS and the integration of UMTS networks, ultimately marked the rise of Apple in the smartphone.

With the market in over 70 countries, including Italy, sales soared and the iPhone began to become a true symbol.

iPhone 3G

You can define the "massive upgrade" brother 3G, but the design remains the same. Like its predecessor, 's iPhone 3G was showcased at the WWDC in San Francisco, held the' June 8, 2009. The date was set for launch in stores July 19 in the U.S., Canada and six European countries. Australia and Japan had to wait one more week, while in the rest of the world came between July and August.

Among the most important improvements, there was the 'speed increasethanks to the implementation of the RAM from 128MB to 256MB. Best performance seen in particular in the launch of applications, in web browsing and opening attachments. Moreover, from this model is implemented in 3.2 MPcamera sensor. The new iPhone is also capable of recording video, a feature not present in the ancestors.

Is sold in two versions, white and black 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

iPhone 4

Everything changes again. It reads the slogan of the new device from Apple.4 In fact, the iPhone changes radically new desgin, better performance, dualcamera, HD video, the gyroscope and the piece de resistance, the Retinal Display.

It 'was presented by Steve Jobs, as always, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, June 7, 2010 and launched on June 24 in the U.S., France, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan from July 29 in 18 other countries including the' Italy.

In just three days after the launch date (between June 24 and June 26), in only five countries in which it was marketed were sold 1.7 million iPhone 4 with thetotal depletion of stocks. The launch included two models, black and white,16GB and 32GB, but due to technical problems the white model has been put on sale only on April 28 this year. February 10 is also available from the CDMAversion for Verizon for U.S. users only.

Of all the models, maybe it was the most discussed because of the fragility of the body and especially the problems related to the receipt, the famousAntennagate. However, it has gained a stratospheric success and has brought more and more users to the Apple world.


As we wait for the iPhone now, it is not known. Or rather, there are many rumors that have continued for months. Summarized in a few lines it is certain that the next model will implement the dual-core processor A5 iPad already present in 2 and a higher resolution camera, while some doubt still remains on the screen size, the capacity of the device (which you think will be also presented in 64GB version) and on support for 4G.

There has been talk of radical changes in design and a model of "minor" dedicated to users of medium-low. Also on the launch date and the name lingers much insecurity, most of the rumors he wants the launch of the new model year in September after the keynote on your iPod. The name should bethe iPhone 5.


It is not easy to summarize all the features and details of the iPhone by the evolution of Cupertino and in some passages may be a little 'surface. It 'difficult to collect in a few lines of what the secret was a great success. With the iPhone, Jobs has not only reinvented the phone, has reinvented a way of communicating simple and effective. He understood what the public wanted and made the center.

Its jewel, thanks to great success, not only laid the foundations for the birth of another revolutionary tool, the iPad, but has also exerted a strong influence on the millions of Apple users that the world did not know him at all. And 'no doubt that the iPhone, along with subsequent iDevice, has played a key role in the rebirth of the company's Cupertino even outside of the mobile market. This does not mean that the products had not already valid, but the devices that have spread quickly around the world are served indirectly by advertising to the world's bitten apple.

What awaits us still do not know. The history has accustomed us that Apple is always ready to amaze and I'm sure will continue to do so. Jobs has reinvented the mobile phone, has reinvented communication, technology has reinvented the universe. On this day dedicated to the iPhone's first birthday wishes go to him, because he continues to amaze us with his wonderful ideas.

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